Issues of the journal

"Noise Theory and Pratice"

New Issue: Vol. 9 No. 4 (IV, 2023) 

Noise Theory and Practice. 2023; 4 (9): 1-107

The following topics are covered in the current Issue of the Journal:


  • Modeling of distant monitoring of solid residual oil products in tanks
  • Calculation of soundproofing floors in the roof boiler room of a residential building in the city of Salekhard
  • Recommendations for selection of sound protection measures to protect against railway noise
  • Calculation of acoustic efficiency of embankment
  • Calculation of acoustic efficiency of excavations
  • Numerical study of acoustic processes in model channels for the development of wideband aviation sound-absorbing structures based on conical filler
  • The possibility of using the measurement method of industrial enterprises with multiple noise sources in conditions of dense construction by industrial enterprises
  • Evaluation of cabin insertion loss for noise reduction in workplaces
  • Calculation of the acoustic efficiency of cabins installed indoors