Issues of the journal

"Noise Theory and Pratice"

New Issue: Vol. 10 No. 1 (I, 2024) 

Noise Theory and Practice. 2024; 1 (10): 1-99

The following topics are covered in the current Issue of the Journal:


  • Diagnostics of the technical condition of an industrial building in Belovo (Kemerovo region) by standing waves
  • Features of calculation of reactive mufflers in the presence of a flow
  • Acoustic method of diagnosing mechanical systems
  • A model of vibroacoustic dynamics of roller conveying rollers of drive roller conveyors
  • Еxperimental study of sound pressure levels emitted by wheels of a passenger car to determine wheels damage using acoustic signals
  • Features of noise regulation and control in the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Damping of vibration-damping thin-walled steel structures with discrete rubber inserts
  • Evaluation of the sound insulation properties of a lightweight panel with an internal diamond-shaped structure based on computer modeling of the process of passage and absorption of sound energy in it