Issues of the journal

"Noise Theory and Pratice"

New Issue: Vol. 8 No. 1 (I, 2022) 

Noise Theory and Practice. 2022; 1 (8): 1-71

The following topics are covered in the current Issue of the Journal:


  • Flexural Vibrations of Non-Uniform Cantilever Beams Observed in Experimental Investigations on the Dynamics of Fleuret, Épée and Sabre
  • Modern designs of noise-proof screens
  • Experimental studies of the effectiveness of a vibration-absorbing coating with a metal reinforcing layer of various thickness
  • Identification and elimination of the causes of low-frequency vibrations of the floating floor plate of the engine room
  • Noise and vibration parameters of the MACAP P100 C13 blender when processing liquid food
  • Development of organizational and technical measures aimed at combating noise exposure at the workplace of the loader driver
  • Cost estimation of noise protection structures