Issues of the journal

"Noise Theory and Pratice"

New Issue: Vol. 9 No. 2 (II, 2023) 

Noise Theory and Practice. 2023; 2 (9): 1-177

The following topics are covered in the current Issue of the Journal:


  • Stopbands of sound waves propagation construction in a corrugated duct by determining the stability of a solution
  • Noise generation of the plate in the field of turbulent pressure pulsations
  • On the possibility of implementing an isothermal gas process in a Helmholtz resonator
  • Evaluation of the impact of aircraft horizontal deviations from nominal flight paths defined in the AIP on noise levels at monitoring sites
  • Modal control for damping of elastic vibrations: bound and perspective
  • Systematic approach to assessing the states of vibration fields of technical objects in problems of dynamics of transport and technological machines
  • Prediction of rail transport vibration in the premises of residential and public buildings
  • Evaluation of direct and indirect sound transmission paths from the operation of roller gates of an underground parking lot
  • The influence of the supporting surface on the acoustic efficiency of the barrier
  • The influence of noise reduction in the highway areas of road service on the risks of accidents
  • Suitability of laser Doppler velocimetry (LDV) for calibration of pressure microphone
  • Use of aircraft noise monitoring system Ecoflight Monitoring data to form an aircraft flight scenario in order to assess the noise pollution
  • Effect of the hexacopter propellers’ mutual position on the emitted sound power
  • Experimental study of the effect of gas bubbles on the level of sound pressure in a liquid, the natural frequencies of which are close to the frequencies of sound vibrations
  • The effect of the turbocharger operation mode of a high-powered engine on its aerodynamic noise