Butorina Marina


Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Assistant Professor of the department of ‘Ecology and industrial safety’ of the Baltic State Technical University ‘VOENMEH’ named after D.F. Ustinov (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), Chief Engineer of the LLC ‘Institute of Vibroacoustic Systems’


St. Petersburg, Russian Federation


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Marina Butorina is a specialist in noise mapping, calculation and design of noise protection for roads, railroads and industrial enterprises. She has presented her Post-Doctorate thesis in this field in 2021. She is a specialist in noise calculation programs representing SoundPLAN, a world-wide leader in this field. Marina Butorina has served as an author of a list of national regulation in the field of noise reduction. Marina Butorina has published over 150 scientific papers, including about 6 textbooks. She presented the main results of her scientific research at the international conferences in Austria, Germany, England and in Russia.